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Wooden beach house is the house made of wooden material that has location near the beach. The wooden house near the beach is one of the trends in today’s house design. The wooden house has special value. It is even more valuable when the place is near the beach and the ocean.

The perfect example of the wooden beach house is probably the Charlie Harper house in the serial Two and a Half Men. The wooden house of Charlie is regard as the great place. He often brags about it in front of the girls he brought home after the wild night party.

We can see that the wooden house is quite comfortable. The natural material like the wood and the stone will give great comfort for house. Especially for wooden material, the wood will keep the place temperature warm. That is why the price of the wooden beach house is high. You can also read Lamp Shade Style.

Wooden Beach House

Wooden Beach House Decorating

Wooden Beach House Ideas

The location of the wooden house will give extra point. The price will be so much different if the view from the house is not good. The same apartment in the crowd city will have different price form the beach house. so we need to save much money if we want to have the wooden beach house.

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