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Wall Decoration for preschool are dominated with animal pictures nowadays. The teachers and the stakeholders seem to be busy to create other decoration for children in the school. Here and now let us talk about other possible decoration that can be used in preschools. That is balloons, students’ artwork, real plants and educating toys. But I’m afraid I don’t have enough space to write all of them in this article, I just pick the most important ones.

Colorful Balloons

Balloons can be very attractive to be a decoration in preschool wall. The way to make it is, take some balloon then don’t even blow them up. Just put some super glue in the back side of the balloons then stick them in the wall with the artistic touch of your own. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty because sometime being dirty is so artistic. Remember, this wall decoration may look weird at first, but wait some time then you get some attentions from the children.

Students’ Artwork

When you are little children, in the school your teachers most probably ever asked you to make something in Art class, such as an origami with colorful paper and glitter. Pictures of your favorite things and members of the family, the animal you have, etc. here, to make decoration for the wall in the class, ask all of the students to draw pictures with a theme, like in the zoo, or in the space, in my grand parents’’ house, etc. later you will find out many different pictures that you and your students can cut base on the outer line then stick them in the wall. You can also  read Wall Art Decor Girl’s Bedroom.

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Those are some ideas for you that are getting confuse and find it difficult to make the preschool wall more interesting. Do tee wall decoration suggestion and enjoy your days.

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