Wall Art Decor Girl’s Bedroom

Wall art decor in a girl bedroom can be so easy but also can be so frustrating like a big problem. One thing you have to know that wall art is not only you does painting in the wall. But also you give the feelings in to the wall in where you brush your paints. Art in the wall can be like I said may time before, paintings, then pictures, arranged accessories and other beautiful things. While girl’s bedroom is need extra effort to be decorated. Let us find out how.

First Step

To decorate the wall with art, firstly you have to check the width of the wall and the texture of it. Then decide which side of the wall of the girl’s room to be full colored which one is not. Or maybe you want it all the four sides are full color. Then, according to the level of feminine choose the color that will be the basic color of the wall. Choose white because it can be combined with any color, but actually soft pink or yellow is good enough. The second step will tell you about wall art decor in more detail.

Second Step

After that, paint all of the four sides of the room with the basic color you have chosen. Make sure you do it carefully because art also have to be clean. As waiting for the paint to be dried by the air and the weather, design what you want to draw on the wall. For the girl’s room, choose flower or leaves as the main pictures. You can create an autumn fall in the room or spring in it. You can also read Images of Girls Bedrooms All Over the World.

Wall Art Decor

Wall Art Decor 2012

Wall Art Decor Image

Ask some help from another person to do the drawing if you are a bad painter. You want a perfect wall art decor for a girl’s room don’t you?

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