Unique Kitchen Paint Ideas

Did you know you that you spend around six hours in your kitchen every day? It is the most visited places in the house. Being a place where family gathers for meals or drinks it should be clean, captivating and eye catching. In other words, it is the powerhouse and without it the house is useless. Many people like kitchen paint ideas. Most people spend time decorating the living room and forget the kitchen. Considering that most people want their kitchen to be clean and attractive, it has triggered several agencies to come up with unique decorating kitchen ideas. Before selecting any design for your kitchen, it is important to ensure the choice is simpatico with your kitchen interior.

Kitchen Paint Ideas

Kitchen Paint Ideas For Colors

There are many ways to apply kitchen paint color ideas. However, it is important to first know the color psychology before taking any step. Some colors stimulate our appetite or suppress the appetite while some play with our mood. For instance, colors like yellow, orange and red among others stimulate our appetite, while colors like indigo, blue and violet suppress the appetite. The green color is a neutral color and most people love it because it is environmentally friendly. Colors also serve several purposes like reflecting light, making the kitchen look superb. The most important thing to consider before buying the kitchen paint is to know the size of the kitchen. Small kitchens should be painted with bright colors in order to reflect enough light. Never use dark colors for small kitchen, darker color absorbs light, leaving the dull kitchen. However, for a large size kitchen you have enough room to experiment with different colors. For instance, you can paint the accessories and cabinets with a neutral color, the rear side should have dark colors like blue or indigo. In case you have wood cabinets, they will look great by painting the wit the golden color. Retro colors in the kitchen also make it look marvelous.

How To Choose Kitchen Wall Colors?

When choosing kitchen wall colors, you need to consider the color of appliances, cabinets and shelves around the kitchen. You can paint the wall the same color with these items. However, you can also opt that takes the one for your kitchen floor. For example, if your cabinets are wooden, you can paint the walls with pale apricot or warm cream or any other color that matches the same.

Colorful cabinetry ideas

Painting the kitchen cabinets is another way of changing the entire look of the kitchen. The first step is to ensure that all your kitchen cabinets are clean. This is to prevent tapping dust underneath the paint. The disadvantage of this mistake is future problems with peeling of the paint. In case you are doing the painting alone, tape the hinges and remove knobs or handles to avoid painting them too. The best choice of paint on your cabinets should be the gloss paint. It allows sunlight to reflect off the cabinets giving the kitchen a fresher feel.

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Myself Abby, and I like to write and hope others will enjoy reading my posts. Make sure to leave a comment if you like it.