Top Bathroom Organization Ideas

Do not be discouraged by the size of your bathroom, with a little creativity, you will be able to maximize storage space and minimize mess in the small yet very essential room. Small bathroom organization ideas are numerous; here are tips on how you can be able to get your small bathroom well organized.

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Divide and Conquer

Bathroom Organization Ideas

The bathroom drawers are catchalls for many different containers most, which organize their contents badly. You can replace the bathroom drawer with an expandable cosmetic drawer organizer. It can fit in a shallow drawer and replaces all the bulky cosmetic bags. It has different compartments to organize your eye shadow, lipstick and blush. This ensures that you do not waste a lot of time finding what you want.

Control Hair Product Clutter

Hair dryers, curlers, gels and combs take up a lot of bathroom space. For better organization, buy a plastic tab, hang it under the sink and store your shampoo, comb, scrubs, hair dryer, and your space in it. Evaluate the products as you put them in the tub and throw away the ones that are worn out or you may donate the ones you do not use to charity or to a friend. This will prevent creating a mess in the bathroom every time you want to fix your hair.

Add Creative Towel Storage

If the towel rank in the bathroom is not big enough for all family towels to be stored, you can make use of hooks. Towel hooks are easy to mount, affordable, they create a space for each family member to hang his or her towel, and the floor will remain dry even.

Reassess the Shower Caddy

The shower caddy is your best friend when you are in the shower, but is it working properly. Too large of too small shower caddies are a total pain to you when showering. Very many options are available when it comes to shower caddies, from corner caddies and suction shelves to over the showerhead caddies.

If there is no enough room, you can pare down the toiletries; You do not have to place over five bottles of shampoo on the shower caddy yet you will only need one, relocate the ones you are not using to leave space for the shower gel and your scrub.

Claim the Space over Your Toilet

Even small bathrooms have space for organizing. It is a great idea to place, towels, toiletries and even more toilet paper just above the toilet bath furniture. If you do not keep the toilet seat down, you may consider making use of closed shelving or cabinets. You can get attractive yet affordable shelving in various home stores.

Add Style and Function With Apothecary Jars

If the counter space in your bathroom is big and you do not mind leaving some of your things in the open, then you may consider investing in the stylish apothecary jars to hold your bathroom necessities such as soap. Bath salt, cotton soap as well as the showering gel looks better when placed in glass containers. The use of apothecary jar is a great bathroom idea as it allows guests to help themselves without snooping in the cabinets.

The above bathroom organization ideas will help you get toilet paper, towel and toiletries in order.

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Myself Abby, and I like to write and hope others will enjoy reading my posts. Make sure to leave a comment if you like it.