The Larix House with Contemporary Design for Modern Life

The Larix House was designed by Corvin Christian is very special design which on the fascia look seem like a dominant wooden house design but at real one each wall is doubled protected with aluminum flat of electric door. The square shape of the house is made the rectangle shape of house with 2 floors design. You will guess that house is made very totally in wooden wall in the whole interior building when you see from outside. But the truth is surprising you because when you enter the house and see the interior performance you are absolutely get so overwhelmed. The interior inside is looking so modern, luxury and attractive one in perfect balance of harmony from wooden material and superb modern look.

Interior Look of the Larix House

When you open the door you will show a beautiful door made from strong glasses material reflect the interior painted by white wall painting. The wall inside the larix house is using general material of stone and cement. The furniture which used all around are the high quality and latest modern furniture which very well done in the organizing and replacement. The setting of the whole interior makes every room look so sophisticated and innovative. The spaces were functioned so well and effectively make the room feel so spacious and comfort place to stay.

The living room and dining room of the larix house design is placed beside each other without any wall which separates each other. The simple kitchen is designed in long shape from wooden and white platform material. The kitchen is in front of the dining table. The simple buffet and single long kitchen table makes it so perfect reflection of modern minimalist kitchen. In the room beside this area there are placed a family room with sofa and TV table which the glasses wall showed the extraordinary view of the green home garden.

The Larix House

The Larix House Livingroom

The Larix House Terrace

The Larix House Backyard

The Second Floor of the Larix House by Corvin Christian

All the artistic wooden design is gotten from the strong old wood from Snagow Lake. Corvin made this all become very strong contemporary design which very artistic. The second floor of the Larix house is utilized well from bedrooms design and bathroom design which made the concept of romantic theme.

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