The Blurred House; Renovation for a Better Interior

The Blurred House is a very good house design which is built in 1930’s. However, nowadays, it has been renovated for a better view and endurance of this house design. This house is located in Melbourne, Australia. Even though the original of this house is built in 1930’s, nowadays this house even can be an inspiration for us who are going to design a modern home living design. In this house, we can find many interesting thing from it, especially for its interior design.

Outside View of The Blurred House

At a glance, from the outside view of this house, we can see that there is a very good design and architectural of this house. It is caused by the architect of this house is BiLD architect, one of the best architect in this world. Therefore, its work is undoubtedly having a very good design and appearance. In front of this The Blurred House, we can see a swimming pool. This house consists of two levels. The design of this house is a modern house design which has a luxurious atmosphere inside.

Wall Glass from The Blurred House

When we enter this house, we can see a very good interior design. This is a modern interior design. The floor of this The Blurred House uses the wooden material. The wooden material of this home will be very comfortable for our foot. For the front walling of this house, there is a glass material which can make this house looks more interesting. It is a very good home interior design.

The Blurred House

The Blurred House Interior

The Blurred House Backyard

The Blurred House 2013

One more interesting thing from this house design is about its lighting. The lighting of this house is very amazing. This house has a better view because of its lighting too. There are many lamps which can produce a bright enough color. They are several interesting things from this house design. We can also have a very good interior design inspiration from this The Blurred House.

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