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Stone house is not a usual house material, although they can still be easily found. Stones are solid and strong material. A house built of stones usually showcases a high architecture artistry that would be needed because of the stone’s natural weight. Although the historical stone houses are desirable because of its beauty and its history, it needs different maintenance from regular houses. People are starting to install stones as decoration to achieve the aesthetic of stone walls. Here are some of the stones most often used and their characteristics.

Stone House for House Walls

The first and the cheapest stones for walls to make an impression of a stone house is the cultured stone. It is an artificial stone that is most often used on external wall of a house because of its lightweight and cheap price. A cultured stone is made of soil, paint and cement. It is as durable as concrete and bricks, although cultural stones of lower quality might have their paint color washed away by rain. For landscaping, honeycomb limestone might be the best choice. It has a honeycomb-like texture and would look beautiful on display. It can be worn out over time, though, so pay an extra care for it.

If you want the look of natural stones without having to buy the expensive stone house, then covering your walls with natural thin veneer might be a perfect solution for you. It is a light and very thin layer that is made of natural stones that can be placed over the frame layer of the house. It is as durable and as beautiful as natural stones while being considerably cheaper, lighter and easier to install. River rocks are another option for home decorating. They have smooth surface and are very flexible in usage. You can even use the pebbles to decorate driveways, flowerbeds and backsplashes.

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Stone House from Natural Stone

Although house building from stone has been a technique invented hundreds of years ago, the technique is not as popular today and it is a highly expensive way to build a home. The stones also need a special treatment before they are able to be placed in a house. Having a natural stone house also has its own advantage, though, as it stays cool in the summer, is cleanable by any means and you will never have to worry about its color fading.

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