Small Modern House Features

Small modern houseis nothing new in the world of architecture, but it has just started to become a new trend. The lower price and easiness to maintain are certain pluses for young people who have neither the money nor the time to give an extra care to the house. The modern design’s simplicity makes sure that the house will stay prim and neat without much work from the owner. Here are some of the best features in it.

Small Modern House in Design and Function

Small modern houseis usually simple and full of the latest technology, because the design is focused on function. You can hardly find anything in a modern house that doesn’t hold a certain function to its owner. The materials used are typically steel, glass and concrete with glossy, streamlined and smooth look. A neutral base color with bold accents is the typical color scheme for modern houses. The flexibility in colors is infinite, as long as the colors work well together. Shades of white and grey are the most used neutral base color because of its ease in being combined with any other accent colors.

As modern style design is based most on functions, planning a small modern house requires an attention to purpose. From the walls’ colors to the choice of furniture, every design must have a reason of being there. The layouts of the rooms need to stay efficient and reduce obstacles in workflow. Lighting must be plenty and bright enough both inside and outside, with generous usage of pin lights, wall lamps, up lights, lights with dimmers or spotlights. You can also read Interior home design in this site.

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Small Modern House Windows and Textures

As with any other small spaces, windows always provide a great relief to the cramped area. With modern houses, huge windows are almost a necessity. Some even have glass walls to ensure maximum exposure to lights and gorgeous view of the surroundings. Modern design also uses minimum pattern and natural textures. Textures from natural woods or stones are great both for decoration and function, although it is not advised to use much patterns to keep the small modern house simple and elegant.

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