Small Kitchen Rebuilding

Small kitchen might be little tricky sometimes. When you are a house wife and decide to make a better space for cooking or having nice breakfast for the children, you will be thinking of optimizing spaces. It would be a lot of easier when your kitchen has an extra space. But when you deal with a small minimalist kitchen, what will you do?

Space Optimization

Every limitation recalls creativity. If you are a house wife and need to rebuild small kitchen into a multifunction room, you will deal with these things: space, space, space. Optimizing space can be started by pushing away unused utensils, putting same appliances on the same table. Or you can just simply tighten the layout, stand all cabinets near the wall and create some space in the center for dining table. All tricks you can do must be well-prepared and simply applicable.

This optimization can only be determined by creating a “family consumption scale”. A measurement that a house wife can use to know how much her family can spend in the kitchen. If the family is really nice to have dinner downtown or just doing some weekly picnics, this can help whether the kitchen should be optimized or not. Some families in Asia don’t have their diner in the kitchen instead in the living rooms. Knowing family habits of cooking and eating would be a nice trick, too. You can also read Shaq House with Luxurious Design in Miami.

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Family healing

Kitchen is the second most important room in the house if you want to heal the family. If it’s related to personal feelings or things enjoyable like kid’s homework, being together in the kitchen for dining or just chatting will help a mommy to understand family circumstances. Moreover, the table can also used to evaluate the nutrition that the whole family consumed daily. Every problem will be solved by simple and warm conversation, especially when you are sick with the living room. Sit down together in your small kitchen, open the window shade and just have nice warm talks while checking if the eggs are perfectly boiled.

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