Rustic Scandinavian House Design

Rustic Scandinavian housemight be the answer to those who love the brightness of Scandinavian style but are reluctant because of its modern or traditional furniture. It combines the modern with the rustic and the typical white walls with the brown of the woods and would make a great vacation home as well as residential home.

Rustic Scandinavian House Looks and Feels

Rustic Scandinavian house combines the best of both rustic and Scandinavian looks and feels. It is done by adapting what makes both style unique compared to their peers. Scandinavian style typically uses shades of whites as their main color, and a traditional Scandinavian house extend the whites not only to their walls but also to their furniture. Rustic style prefers old things that tell stories, those that look worn but stay strong, especially ones made of wood. The color could range in the many shades of wood colors, from dark hard woods to mahogany.

One way to combine these styles to create a Rustic Scandinavian house is by painting the woods white, including the walls and floors. The floor can use bright-colored woods instead, although it is suggested that the walls are painted because the brightest colored woods are still not bright enough to achieve a Scandinavian look. Use the door and window or their frames to give accent colors to the room, preferably using rustic ones. You can also read Rocks overhangs in this site.

Rustic Scandinavian House Furniture and Accessories

The furniture in the house plays the biggest deal in making the house look rustic. Although whites are still preferable, rustic looking woods are also acceptable. Combine the rustic look with some traditional furniture piece, though, or they will look out of place in the clean white room. Rustic cabinets, tables and vanities will be best, combined with traditional chairs, vases and sink. Mix and match with the colors and add some flowers to add a fresh feeling to the house or give an accent color to the overall Rustic Scandinavian house.

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