Retro Living Room – Tips To Acheive It

Are you interested about completely revamping your living room’s overall design but is clueless on what theme to pick? A playful retro living room might be the one you are looking for. Retro living room style is slowly gaining its former glory as more and more household choose decors and furniture with funky and bright colors. This theme is highly influenced by the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s culture where bold colors and textures where fashionable. Applying a retro theme on your living room can drastically turn its dull and boring atmosphere into a more playful and creative one. Read further and discover some interesting ideas to have a retro living room without investing so much time, effort, and money.

retro living room

Tips to achieve a beautiful and functional retro living room

Search for unique and brightly colored living room accessories

Anything that is daring, funky, and has bright colors can be associated to retro style. Don’t hesitate to experiment with various color combinations and textures. Keep in mind that retro is about coming up with your own definition of fun and creativity. As much as possible apply retro style on every accessory found on your living room including throwaway pillows, rugs, cushions, and paintings. Mix patterned and solid designs to achieve a more energetic look while making it certain that each element found on your living room still coordinates with each other in more ways than one.

Choose the right furniture

Retro style chairs and other furniture are must haves if you are really serious about applying such kind of theme on your retro living room. If possible, choose retro-inspired egg chairs as they are lightweight, durable, and require less maintenance. Fabrics with checkered and paisley patterns in strong colors can further enhance your retro living room as well. Don’t worry about overspending for this purpose since majority of furniture with retro style sold in the market today are reasonably priced. Some are even heavily discounted as a result of the growing market competition.

Retro rugs to complete your living room’s new look

Rugs designed for the living room come in all sorts of sizes, colors and shapes. They can encourage a cozy and comfortable atmosphere on any living room so installing one or two is crucial. Area rugs with round shapes are perfect additions to your retro living room. Rectangular shaped rugs are also good choices given their pattern matches with any famous retro style. Only pick rugs that can easily capture the attention of your visitors through their out of this world design and flashy colors.

Other retro ornaments you should consider

Retro lava lamps, sculptures, door beads, and lamps are also sold in several online and local shops nowadays. Pairing these retro-inspired ornaments with a vintage era table and chairs can instantly turn your living room into a perfect representation of the yester years. You can choose any from the wide array of retro color schemes such as avocado green, bright purple, and orange. Simply pick one that pleases your eyes and blends well with your retro-inspired living room furniture and accessories to achieve satisfying results.

By following the tips mentioned above, you are just a few steps further from having a retro living room that you’ll be proud about. Never forget that the retro living room is where the whole family often meets up and share memorable moments with each other so it’s reasonable to work hard in making it the most comfortable and beautiful room in the house. No other style can help you fulfill this goal other than retro living room.

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Myself Abby, and I like to write and hope others will enjoy reading my posts. Make sure to leave a comment if you like it.