Resurface a Bathtub in Some Simple Steps

Resurface a bathtub is something important that you should do regularly after some years. As we know that bathtub is a part of bathing activity that you do every day. Even though it seems like bathtub is not very important thing, but unaware you do various activity in this thing such relaxing your mind, reading book, and treating your body. By all these activities, the bathtub surface will start to fade and break. It makes the beautiful bathtub surface is changed to worst. For this reason, it is important to resurface your bathtub.

First step of resurface bathtub is you may take all out the old caulk which connecting the surrounding wall with the bathtub. Then, you need to cover the caulk holes. It is purposed to protect them from damaging of cleaning.

Take the bathtub to a large place to make the accommodation run well. After that, you should clean the bathtub surface by using denatured alcohol. Clean it once more to remove dust and dirt before doing the next step of resurface a bathtub. You might be interested in reading How to Partition a Room by Using Screen.

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Resurface a Bathtub

When the surface is already dry, you can spray acrylic urethane one by one. It means that if the first has already dried, then you may spray it for the second. When it has dried, you can fulfill the hole between the walls and bathtub by using silicone caulk. This final step of resurface a bathtub needs 12 hours to dry until it is ready to be used.

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