Remarkable Modern House Design Combined with Vintage

Remarkable modern house designcombined with vintage style doesn’t seem like a good combination. In the right hand, though, it can actually complement each other instead of destroy each other. Such a case was made true by a designed house in Ploiesti, Romania.

Remarkable Modern House Design with Vintage Accent

The remarkable modern house design with vintage accent was done by Stoica Mario, a Romanian based designer. The client requested something simple with accents in vintage style. The design’s main material is wood. The textures are highlighted instead of hidden, with variety of wood colors as the diversion. The bookshelves were made of cooper pipes, which were also used as hand rail on the stairs. The stand-alone lamps would remind us of an old camera on a tripod, while the coffee table makes use of a huge trunk. There are also a cabinet that bears the Great Britain flag and the lamps on the dining table are enclosed with glass jars.

Although with an abundance of unique items with vintage style, the remarkable modern house design shines in some spots, too. The sofa is definitely modern, along with the stand beneath the TV set, although the TV encasing itself is made of wood. Some of the chairs around the dining table are also modern style, along with modern cabinet on the front and modern stools on the kitchen isle. The kitchen is also mostly modern, though the wooden countertop, the spices rack and the old radio in it give off a vintage feeling. You can also read Old house in California in this site.

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Remarkable Modern House Design in the Bedrooms

The master bedroom in the house also embraces both the modern and the vintage well. The bed, the night stands and the cabinet are arguably modern, but the closet and the low seat give away the vintage in the room. The children’s bedroom is the most impressive, though. With plenty of storage spaces, the cabinets are styled as trunks. Instead of a bunk bed, one bed has a desk and a chair on top, and the other has a desk and a chair underneath. The whole arrangement is ingenious and fun for both the children and adults, and makes the house a remarkable modern house design with vintage accent.

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