Old House in California Total Renovation

Old house in Californiacalled Broom Way Residence was a 4,200 sq. ft. old building in Brentwood city. The owner of the house requested that the house was expanded, but the only feasible option is to completely destroy the old building and start building it again. The renovation is done by Nonzero Architecture, and here are the details of the new house built on the remains of the old house.

Old House in California Rebuilding Concept

The old house in California was going to be rebuilt into a new house with a modern style. The concept was to make the house welcoming and spacious with full-wall windows that offer beautiful views of the surrounding area. The house focuses more on being eco-friendly by making use of the nature around it and bringing them to the interior of the house. The terrace is wide with huge living space. The windows serve to allow maximum light into the house and create a brighter and cozier setting.

Where the house is not made of glass, there are horizontal lines of woods to be found. True to their commitment to the nature, only sustainable and natural materials are chosen. As a result, the rich color of the wooden walls blend nicely with the vegetation around it. The new house’s shape also took from its surrounding terrain, giving the house a unique elevation angle. The final result of the house could not be further from the old house in California, with all corners scream out modern touch with class. You can also read Cottage Kitchen with Shine in this site.

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Old House in California Interior Renovation

As impressive as the house is outside, it is even more impressive inside. With open and spacious rooms thanks to the glass walls, the interior doesn’t need to do much more. Of few walls that are not glasses, one is covered with a large book and display shelves. The other walls are covered in white paint that creates a cozy ambience to the kitchen. The staircases are roomy as well and the abundance of natural lights sure do wonders to the bathroom. The new house is modern, cozy and it sure leaves no trace of the old house in California it once was.

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