Modern Retro Interior Design Ideas

Modern retro interior design makes a comeback in every twenty or thirty years in the world, but somehow only to be a little better than before. Whether it’s the world of fashion, home decor or color, retro style is an eclectic mix of old and new forms with finishes and old materials. From the crazy colored prints of the seventies to the huge and attractive lamps of the fifties, bubbly retro style of home decor is here again and in a big way of course!

Modern Retro Interior Design:

Here are some ways to give a Modern Retro Interior Design look to your modern home:

1. Elegant Modernism:

If the decorative style of your house is inclined more toward modern minimalism, choose some retro pieces that possess curves and simple lines. Remove large number of furniture pieces from your room so that the eye can focus on some key points in space. A dining set, suggestive of a retro design style and ornamented with a striking pendant glow can renew your interiors instantly. Retro does not involve any intricate and detailed woodwork and it must be left out for a different style. Forms that are fluid in nature and appeal are what the modern retro design enjoys the most.

Modern Retro Interior Design

Modern Retro Interior Design

2. Retro line of furniture with modern finishes:

Curved and circular shapes are a characteristic character of modern retro interior design furniture. Couple this with modern wood, leather and furniture lacquer finish and you would realize that two marry beautifully. Browse online classifieds for garage sales and vintage shops whose furniture can be padded or recycled to look new. Replacing old fabric with one of a new and modern color is a great way to achieve retro look and feel. There are big furniture stores which carry retro look furniture series that looks old but is brand new.

3. Fine hints of retro style:

If you prefer to incorporate a retro style at home more subtly, consider using prints of a smaller size and repetitive geometric patterns. Instead of bright colors, modernize the interiors with quiet variations of the bold and pastels. Use patterns in minimum quantities and apply neutral colors on floors and walls. Mix and match solids and patterns to play a retro style in a big and bold way.

4. Patterns and colors:

Modern retro interior design style connects the patterns and colors present in your home. If you are among the ones who enjoy oversize patterns, try to employ them on your walls with murals, paints and wallpapers. Try to keep the patterns and colors limited to a few colors. By using excess colors, you risk making your room look more scattered and unpleasant.

Modern Retro Interior Design Ideas

If you like the look of retro interior styles, follow these tips to help bring life to your home. Get ideas from books, movies and famous designers who enjoy reliving these styles through the homes of their customers. From the simplest of patterns to the boldest of colors, the designs evolve over the years but still maintain the same ideas and passion of high design. See how your modern house can come back to life with a retro style and be surprised how modern retro interior design can make you forget what generation you are actually living in.

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Myself Abby, and I like to write and hope others will enjoy reading my posts. Make sure to leave a comment if you like it.

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