Modern Bathroom Furniture in Luxury Bathroom Décor

Modern bathroom furniture commonly influences beauty level of bathroom interior design. Recently, there are various bathroom cabinets and vanities which are available to choose completing luxury bathroom décor. If you have a bathroom with small, medium, or large space, ensure to choose minimalist and modern furniture to reflect the compact and modern sense in this private cleaning room.

There are many modern bathroom furniture photos spread out in internet for your home design inspiration. We have several bathroom design samples complete with modern furniture description. This modern bathroom applies simple room décor such as grey stone bricked wall on a wall side and white color application on the entire bathroom.

The modern bathroom furniture involves lime green floating single vanity and cabinet hanging on the wall. This lime green color on the furniture looks so contrast with the white color. There are two white ottomans located in the middle of bathroom and near floor-to-ceiling glass window. And unique grey fur rug looks elegant under the white ottoman in the bathroom center. You can also read about  living room theaters in this site.

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Modern Bathroom Furniture

The green bathroom vanity looks simple with rectangular mirror and white porcelain square sink. Stainless steel faucet completes this modern bathroom furniture with simple detail on the green wood cabinet on the bottom part.

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