Minimalist Interior Design in Modern Homes

Minimalist interior designis not for anybody. People who find comfort in cluttered space and those who hate being neat won’t be likely to feel comfortable living in a home with minimalist design.

The Basics

Minimalist interior design looks the way it is because it accentuates simplicity. Any good minimalist home will look clean and neat all the time, without anything that is not the basic necessity. Because of this, in the past minimalist design is often associated with cold, harsh and inhospitable. Nowadays, though, it has evolved to be softer and warmer by changing the way it uses colors and furniture design.

The difference in colors is reflected by the mayor use of white and its pale friends in minimalist interior nowadays. By having pale colors as the base color, one can be free in choosing a brighter, bolder color as its accent. Be careful not to choose more than one color for each, though, as it will ruin the simplicity of the overall look. The minimalist furniture used to be geometrically shaped with clear lines. Today the clear lines are still preferable, but it also give rooms for more comfortable furniture as long as it is modern and simple-looking without much ornament.  We can discuss about Chandelier Lights in Modern Home in this site.

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The Flooring, Windows and Decorations

True to its vow for simplicity, minimalists prefer plain wooden floor or one-colored floor over anything else. Rugs can be added here and there for comfort and livability. Windows and doors are preferably big and bare. If you must do some softening up, choose plain drapes or modern blinds for them. Last but not least, remember that decorations are luxury for minimalist design, so keep it down to one flower vase on the table or a huge painting on one wall. Incorporate this minimalist interior design into your modern house, and you will achieve a calm, neat and tranquil home that is both easy to maintain and looking beautiful.

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