Innovative and Affordable Master Bathroom Ideas

One of the first rooms that most people tackle with when they decide on remodeling their house is the bathroom. It’s much smaller-more tangible area to cover them, for instance, a living room or a kitchen. Most bathrooms have smallest square footage and in most cases, would be a cheaper investment. Let’s have a close look at few master bathroom ideas if you’re in the market for renovation…..

Walk-in showers

Walk-in showers are now gaining widespread popularity because of their comfort and easy use. They now come with many customizable options during installation. For instance, the foot rest, shower door, soap and shampoo caddies, hand heals shower spout and seat are all options you now have with a walk-in shower. This type of shower is very useful for physically impaired or elderly because they are completely safe and often come with a seat equipped with a hand-held shower spout.

Walk-in bathtubs

Just like walk-in showers, these bathtubs are another easily accessible and safe product. This remodeling upgrade is best for all those who take a bath, but have difficulty in entering the bathtub itself. A walk-in bathtub is equipped with a door that opens up so that you can walk into the bath and comfortably sit down. There are also some places in the bathtub where you can sit in an upright, more comfortable position

Master Bathroom Ideas

Whirlpool baths

Whirlpool baths are one of the best bathroom ideas that can add to the luxury of any bathroom. Who wouldn’t want to replace their old bath tub with a whirlpool tub or a custom air bathtub? You can easily customize your tub with neck rests, lights, heaters and jets of your choice. This upgrade is best for master bathrooms.

Bathtub Liners

Bathtub Liners can be an altogether new approach when remodeling your bathroom. A bathtub liner goes over your existing bathtub and can be easily replaced or removed without damaging flooring or walls of the bathroom. They can be installed within hours and your bathroom will start looking different in just one day. However, this option won’t work for you if you have a flimsy tub, water damage, or one piece fiberglass bathtub. Then, the best option for you it to replace all that you have with new.

Energy saving faucets and toilet

If you enjoy taking long showers, but inadvertently leave your faucet running longer than needed, then you should consider investing in energy-saving shower heads and faucets. It’s definitely one of the best bathroom ideas, and can cut gallons of water use from your utility bill. You can also use an energy-saving two-button dual-flush toilet in your master bathroom. It is a smart choice that will save you good money in the long run because it uses just fraction of the water used in regular toilets.


Vanities can be a great addition, not matter if it’s a master or guest bathroom. There are various custom options for vanities. Some units may include cabinetry, custom drawers, sinks, counter tops, cabinet hardware and faucets, storage racks, lighting, mirrors, rollout storage options and more. Some people prefer to push the vanity chair under their vanity counter. In fact, counter top alone has so many upgrade options and may fit bathroom ideas you may have in mind. Quartz and granite are the most popular countertop choices.

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Myself Abby, and I like to write and hope others will enjoy reading my posts. Make sure to leave a comment if you like it.