Long Narrow Bathroom Design Ideas for Stunning Layout

Sometimes, long narrow bathroom design ideas seem to be more essential than other bathroom design ideas solving small space benefiting. Small bathroom needs something efficient and flexible to produce perfect layout. There are numerous ideas of small bathroom layouts spread out in internet and home magazine. And narrow bathroom design should be the best solution for this space problem.

Long narrow bathroom design ideas typically involve complete bathroom appliances and furniture in compact arrangement. It is such essential thing to know about much information related to the bathroom space and shape. Most narrow bathroom has long rectangular shape and limited movement track for the users.

So ensure to place the bathroom furniture and appliances as appropriate as possible. Here is simple sample of the long narrow bathroom design ideas for your interior décor inspiration. Shower and bathtub should be placed in the same location. So try to choose shower bath rather than applying two cleaning areas in the narrow bathroom. You can also read about Modern Vintage Decoration in this site.

Long Narrow Bathroom Design Ideas 2012

Long Narrow Bathroom Design Ideas Pictures

Long Narrow Bathroom Design Ideas

White is perfect color to give brighter, larger, and cleaner scheme in the bathroom. Don’t forget to install a small window on the wall tip behind the shower bathtub. If the bathroom is long enough to give more space, choose double vanity to benefit the free space. And finish it by applying closet near the door of the long narrow bathroom design ideas.

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