Lobby Hotel Design Examples in Barcelona

Lobby hotel design is presented variously. If you are an interior designer and you have a project of creating interior design for a lobby hotel, there are some examples of design for lobby hotel in Barcelona that you are able to adopt for your project. This article will give you two main of the examples. Hopefully, those are able to stimulate your own inspiration to make some adjustments with your own styles. The examples are coming from Hotel Arts Barcelona and Grand Hotel La Florida.

Hotel Arts Barcelona Lobby Design

Romantic value is what this lobby hotel design tries to explore and offer. Black color is perfectly blended with some stuff to create peaceful ambience. There is a wide glass window making the room prettier. In the night, the guests can hang out there and look out the window. They are able to see the view outside. The city illuminations are so bright. You will get different sensation by being there. Black sofa and black rug will be the best element to create dramatic look mingled with radiant fixture lamp with curvy details.

Grand Hotel La Florida Lobby Design

After knowing some elements set in Hotel Arts Barcelona to create romantic atmosphere. Grand Hotel La Florida offers the best spot for family visit. Warmth is presented there through the colors applied in the lobby. Cream and brown are the best colors to combine aiming to create family cheerfulness. The lobby is not big enough as well. However, the designer is really brilliant in setting up the furniture and the receptionist desk so that the limited area will not be clearly seen there. You can also read Wooden Beach House Beautiful.

Lobby Hotel Design

Lobby Hotel Design Decorating

Lobby Hotel Design Plan

From the explanation above, you must get some points to be adopted in your own project. If you are interested in romantic ambience resulted from mid century lamp and dramatic colors, Hotel Arts Barcelona is the best example for it. However, if you prefer to create warmth, Grand Hotel La Florida is a good lobby hotel design to adopt.

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