Lighting Ideas: Do it yourself

The lighting ideas for your home decoration are truly simple for you to make it by yourself. You just need some candles, glass, onionskin, waterproof colorful markers, ribbon, scissor glue, and some creative idea to make your own lighting. You can place this super cute lighting in your window bedroom or you can hang it in a tree or garden. You can also give this pretty lighting decoration to your friends when Christmas is coming.

Crafty Lighting Ideas for Bedroom Decoration

For these lighting ideas you can prepare the candle, glass, onionskin, scissor, and glue. If you want to hang this lighting you can change the candle to the dimmer which is more safety and durable. If you have no glass, you can also use mica. First, prepare the onionskin you can take it in whatever color that you want, but it is better to use the white one. Cut it in a same height with the glass. After the onionskin cut out in a rectangular shape you can start to draw a pattern in it. You can draw hearts or flowers or soothing that you want to draw. After the drawing is finish, cut it based on the pattern that you draw. Stick the onionskin patterned to the glass and place the candle or the dimmer in it. If you use the dimmer ask some helps to your brother or friend to make it works. Then light it up and put it in your bedroom window.

Crafty Lighting Ideas for Gift

For these lighting ideas you have to prepare a candle, glass, ribbon, and waterproof colorful glass markers. First you have to draw something gin a glass. You can draw anything you want with the colorful markers. After the glass is ready you can place the candle in it then wrap the crafty candle up with the ribbon and it is ready to give as gift to your friends. These candles will works when the candles in it are light up. The Drawings that you draw will reflect to the wall. That will be so beautiful. We can discuss about Decoration Magazine for Your Best Interior Design Reference in this site.

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There are a lot of crafty candles ideas if you want to try. You can make it from various things. You just have to explore the crafty stuff and make your own crafty lighting ideas that will make your room more stunning.

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