Light and Spacious House Decorating Tips

Light and spacious housemight be the dreams of many, but they actually have their own difficulty to design. A big area with a high ceiling would look cold and distant if you don’t decorate it right. Here are some tips to help you with the ideas for making your spacious house look more intimate and inviting.

Light and Spacious House Color and Layout

Light and spacious house is big and bright enough without you having to make them white a la Scandinavian style, so feel free to experiment with bolder color. Although darker shades of whites can do well, too, warmer color like red or black can make your room seem a little bit smaller. If you don’t like bold and warm colors, try going for patterns. They work great too in making the room look smaller while adding up to the room’s pretty level.

Besides the colors and patterns, layout will also do wonders to your light and spacious house. An open, spacious space would make a perfect scheme for the combination of a living room, kitchen and dining room. You can also make different combinations to each room, for example living room, library and sunroom. On the other hand, divide the space into rooms would be great too, especially if you’re longing for a smaller and more intimate rooms. If you can’t decide, opt for a combination of rooms with a divider instead of a permanent wall. You can also read Rustic Scandinavian house in this site.

Light and Spacious House Art Lovers

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Light and Spacious House Decorating Ideas

Light and Spacious House Decorating

Light and Spacious House Design

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Light and Spacious House

Light and Spacious House Furniture and Accessories

The benefit of having a spacious house would show most in choosing the furniture. Unlimited by size, your choices of furniture would be practically infinite. Contemporary furniture is less desirable in spacious house, though, due to it is adding to the space. Choose furniture with details or those with possibility for details. Add some rugs, pillows, comforters and flower vases to each scene and clutter up the space to make it look more comfortable and less distant. Last but not least, lighting like chandelier with low hanging will also work great in making your light and spacious house a smaller and more personal home.

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