Kitchen Ideas in Layouts and Looks

Kitchen ideas are usually about decoration, but what if you want to build a kitchen from nothing, or re-design the existing kitchen? Unlike other rooms, in a kitchen, functionality is the top priority to consider. It is a relatively dangerous area of big importance, so extra attention to details must be paid.

The Layouts

The first of the kitchen ideas to consider is the layout. There are four popular layouts for kitchens to allow maximum ease of movement and accessibility. The galley shape is the layout where two rows of appliances faced each other. The L shape layout arranges the appliances against two perpendicular walls. The U shape uses three walls to support the appliances, and the G shape adds another wall to the U-shape or a peninsula to allow maximum storage space in the kitchen. Besides these four layouts, consider the work flow in the kitchen to arrange the appliances. Arrange a space with refrigerator and stove for cooking separately from area for serving and clearing up with a sink.

The Looks

There are a lot of styles you can choose in decorating the kitchen area. One is the vintage look, in which woods are commonly used and bold colors like mahogany red or dark wood are the theme. Vintage look always feels warm and welcoming, and cooking in a vintage kitchen will feel a lot like coming home. The usage of wood’s natural texture and beauty would give the kitchen a gleam without being too cold or detached. You mgiht also read Bathroom Ideas for Limited Space.

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The more modern style would integrate more metal to the mix. With clean and neat look, clean lines, effective storage spaces and stainless steel as its main material, the kitchen will look elegant and professional. You could take inspiration from a restaurant’s kitchen to arrange things to maximum functionality, because what is better than copying the professional on kitchen organizing? Whichever style you choose, though, make sure to maintain extra 12 inches landing space movement safety and some windows or doors for ventilation. Now that you’re done, it would be the time to search other kitchen ideas for decoration.



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