Kitchen Design Tips for Common Design Mistakes

Kitchen design tipsare usually aimed for decoration. This time though, we will focus more on recovering mistakes in kitchen design. Here is some of the most common design mistakes found in kitchens with the solutions to them.  

Kitchen Design Tips for Space and Layout

Kitchen design tips usually take space and layout seriously. Kitchen is the most functional space in the house, and considering that usually it functions well beyond its main duty as a cooking space. One of the most complaints made about kitchens is its limited space without enough countertops. To ensure there is enough space to move about in the kitchen, understand the space well. Clear the countertop free of clutters by putting them away in drawers or kitchen cabinets. Consider having foldable countertop that can be tucked in the wall when not in use.

The golden triangle is not just a name for three of the most basic needs of a kitchen: a sink, a stove and a refrigerator. The name actually refers to the most preferable layout of a kitchen where the three of them literally form a triangle near a corner. This smaller working space will work effectively for easier cooking and cleaning. Kitchen design tips might suggest other layouts for the kitchen, but keep the small golden triangle close to each other. You can also read Inspiring design details showcased in this site.

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Kitchen Design Tips for Storage and Lighting

Kitchen storages are also crucial in the workflow in the kitchen. A tall cabinet is preferable, as it saves more foot space in smaller kitchens. A modified island could also double-function as storage space. Don’t forget to ensure that the kitchen gets enough natural lighting and ventilation, though, as the lack of it will make your kitchen lifeless and cramped. Make sure there is a room for garbage as well that can easily be taken out. Kitchens are judged by its function above all and as long as it is clean, it will always look favorable. Good kitchen design tips will always suggest you to avoid fancy kitchen furniture that will cause an over budget over trivial things.

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