Jewish Kitchen Layout According to Kosher Dietary Laws

Jewish kitchen layout is also known as kosher kitchen interior design. To follow Jewish life, there are several things you have to do that related to the dishes. It is important to ensure separating the kitchen area between dairy and other ingredient. Following the kosher dietary laws, there will be double appliances, furniture, and utensils applied on the kitchen.

Jewish kitchen layout basically has similar layout as well as standard kitchen interior design. It comes in various styles and designs to decorate the kitchen. And this kind of kitchen layout is available for small, medium, and large kitchen space. You only have to pay attention on the kitchen space to get appropriate kitchen color scheme for the whole kitchen look.

Basic key in the Jewish kitchen layout is double concept to separate one ingredient to another, well at least one for dairy. In this kosher kitchen, you should have double sink, stove, storage, oven, and other appliances and furniture with separated space. It is better to ensure there are at least two bowls, spatulas, plates, and butchers. You can also read White Kitchen Ideas for Cleaner Kitchen Look.

Jewish Kitchen Layout

Jewish Kitchen Layout Designs

Jewish Kitchen Layout 2012


Besides, the double concept applied in the kosher kitchen, other things in the kitchen is similar as standard kitchen concept. Jewish kitchen layout also involves basic kitchen design concept such as triangle layout and various shapes and interior décor styles.

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