Japanese Bathrooms Decorating Ideas

The characteristic of Japanese bathrooms is actually similar with common bathroom in other countries. The differences are only found on the shape and design of the bathtub or also called as ofuro in Japan. Japanese washroom is commonly identical with traditional culture which represented by the material such as wood. Wood is certainly utilized as Japanese bathtub material.

Japanese people as like their traditional house also prefer to connect nature element. No wonder that many Japanese bathrooms involve wood and bamboo to represent that natural sense in the washroom. Ofuro is main bathroom appliance which is commonly used as symbol of Japanese washroom. Traditional Japanese bathtub is commonly available in circular and elliptical shapes.

For classic Japanese bathroom, wooden ofuro is placed in the bathroom corner. The entire bathroom covered by wooden or paper wall. It is like traditional paper wall in Japan. It is quite different with modern Japanese bathrooms which designed and decorate stylishly complete with modern and sophisticated appliances. You can also read about Beautiful elegant washrooms in this site.

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Japanese Bathrooms

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Modern Japanese Bathrooms

Deep bathtub is more popular to choose as modern Japanese bathtub design. It is such perfect choice to place some green plant pots or vase in every room corner. Artistic Japanese painting always becomes good accessory to decorate modern Japanese bathrooms.

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