Japan Traditional House in Philadelphia

For you Americans, if you want to have a look at Japan traditional house which is so distinct in its style, you do not need to go directly to its original country. You only need to visit Philadelphia in order to feel the feeling of living inside the house.

This is due to the existence of the Japan traditional house in that area, namely Shofuso. In this place, you will not only feel the warmth of the traditional house from Japan, but you will also virtually be on the garden which has been set to be like the Japanese local garden.

The original Shofuso actually was built on 1953. This Japan traditional house was first built using some traditional techniques and materials. However, the shape and the overall look of the traditional house is still artistic from all sides. The existence of this house also reflects the history of the culture of the Japanese people in Philadelphia. You might be interested in reading Outlet Sticker for Your Beautiful Interior Home Design.

Interior Japan Traditional House

Japan Traditional House Designs

Japan Traditional House Images

Japan Traditional House Living Room

Japan Traditional House Pictures

Japan Traditional House

So, if you are really excited with this house, why do not you came here and feel the panorama of the traditional Japan? This Japan traditional house will certainly offer you the detail of that your dream country by the house and garden which really resemble the original ones.

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