Interior Design Living Room Color Schemes

Interior design living room is not so hard for many once they decide the most crucial matter: the color scheme. A color scheme is one major factor in making a theme, and to create a well-designed living room, it is crucial to choose the right color scheme for the envisioned goal. Sometimes, though, even the most unthinkable combination will look great. Here are some combinations that look great together despite being rarely thought so.

Color Temperature

The first thing to do when choosing the scheme for your interior design living room is to find out about the color temperature. It is crucial to know whether you want to make the room look smaller and intimate, or bigger and calmer. It can give an impression to your visitor about your personality, whether you want it to be warm or cold, aggressive or calm, vintage or modern, fiery or relaxing, or a combination of those. You can use the color wheel to decide how warm or cold a color is. Red is the warmest color with blue as the coolest. Warm colors make a room look smaller and more intimate, while cold colors make it bigger and calmer.

Color Combinations

Any of the colors will work well with different shades of the same color, and enhancing the effect of the color in a more subtle way. White combined with blue or green shades will create a relaxing and calm atmosphere, while a combination of black and red as a typical Asian style comes off more aggressive and passionate. One of the best unique color combinations is gold and gray. They compliment each other well even though one is cold and one is warm. A living room with this color scheme will look elegant and luxurious. If you are more into the cherry type with a touch of homey feeling, try turquoise and red. They contradict each other, and yet also make each other pops out. Turquoise is also great combined with lime green, providing a fresh look your living room. You might also read Kitchen Ideas in Layouts and Looks.

Interior Design Living Room

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When choosing the colors for your living room, don’t forget to pay attention to the details like the lighting. Lighting can make or ruin colors especially on the walls and floors. The colors should also work well with the colors in the nearby rooms as not to make drastic transition. With that in mind, you can now start the interior design living room of your dream.

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