Inspiring Design Details Showcased in South Africa

Inspiring design details showcasedin South Africa this weekend. The house is located on the Bantry Bay, which give the place a stunning view of the Sea Point and the Robben Island of South Africa. The house is purposed for entertainment, which is focused in the ground floor. The client was looking for a comfortable and relaxing space with the luxury of Asian spa resort with Zen style. Antoni Associates was appointed as the designer for the project, and here is how the design was done.

Inspiring Design Details Showcased with Asian and European Culture

The inspiring design details showcased are heavy with influences from the Asian and European cultures. The entrance is similar to a spa resort’s entrance, guarded by a terracotta soldier statue, and displayed framed photos and pictures on a table with abacus design. The pool is resort-style with infinity edge, extending for 30 meter on the area. A spa, gym and sauna with high tech equipments are also located on the ground floor. Other entertainments that can be found include a cinema and a wine cellar.

The residence areas of the house consist of one master bedroom and five guest rooms. The inspiring design details showcased most in each room, which was designed individually. The master bedroom features a king-sized canopy bed with details like crossing table lamps and red square picture as a focal point. Another room features a sea-inspired design, with curved headboard, a splendid floor-to-ceiling ocean view and a balcony, with blue, dark brown and white as the main colors. Besides the two, there are also a room with twin canopy beds, a room with yellow paint and a room with natural color palette. Although some of the rooms are heavily contemporary, other rooms bear uncanny influence of Asian style, as showcased by a well-crafted wooden divider, Chinese pottery work and Asian patterned linens. You can also read Remarkable modern house design in this site.

Inspiring Design Details Showcased Exterior

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Inspiring Design Details Showcased

Inspiring Design Details Showcased in the Spa

The spa in the house displayed two spa tables, each headed by a goddess statue. The walls are covered by vertical-stripped wooden panel which resembles the bamboo featured in the middle of the room. The flower vase on top of a delicately crafted end table becomes one of the focal points in the room and contributes to the inspiring design details showcased by the spa.

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