Images of Girls Bedrooms All Over the World

Images of Girls Bedrooms in every place in the world are a very interesting fact that we will talk about today in this article. Maybe after you read this, it will inspire you to change your own bedroom decoration. Or maybe you what your parent buy a new house for all of you that have a very big bedroom.

Indonesian Girls Bedrooms

Girls in some small island in Indonesia still live in very traditional ways. Like in islands near Papua island, west part of Indonesia, people build up some one room houses for only one family, one house for the kids, one for parents, one for the animals and one for the girls. So they live together with their sisters or sometime little brothers in one room house. The Images of Girls Bedrooms there are totally different from what we call as bedroom. There are only simple something like carpet in the room and no mirror. But in other places in Indonesia, the girl’s room is almost the same with the common bedrooms.

United Kingdom Years Ago

In the past, girls in London and other places in United Kingdom have very beautiful bedrooms. The rooms are completed with big size bed. Wide windows, ribbons in every corner of the room and colored with soft tones and sometime flowered motifs materials to cover the bed and the window as curtain. But the condition is only happen in rich family with their mansion and castle. You can also read Castle Bed Plans for an Attractive Girl Bedroom in this site.

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Japan Uniqueness

What make me write Japan here is because like you probably know, Japan has a very unique bed. The girls lives there sleep in a bed like mattress that you spread it when you want to go to sleep but and you roll it up after you wake up. So in the day, the bedroom only consists of small table and bamboo carpet. That is the Images of Girls Bedrooms in Japan.

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