IKEA Kitchen Planner in 3D

IKEA Kitchen planner is now available in 3D. As introduced in IKEA official website, the new feature in this 3-dimension planner app would help house wives with knowledge and references about making kitchen more delightful, easy and enjoyable. Through their commercial tagline IKEA tries to convince their customers not to worry about ideas and assessment. “Organize your kitchen” sounds like a humble welcome to idea seekers.

3D Planner

IKEA kitchen planner through innovation now is trying to help people who want to do some design experiments at their own. The design features include building kitchen set and arranging layouts, floor plans, windows and even the best direction light get through in. Because all of these features are shown in 3D and can be run with common home computer, everyone can use it in many ways of experiments. It works like Google’s Sketch Up, where 3D images can be dragged up from a line to a box, choose and install preferred stoves, changing floor materials and even see all things changed from 360 degrees view.

Now when 3D technology is a necessity for interior design, this app itself has been designed to be more user-friendly and with full utility features, fit to all common computer system requirements, correction feature included and is able to print directly or saved in such regular file types like images and PDFs. IKEA has classified many house work issues in canals they called “departments”, and this shows everything in order. You can also read Living Room Decoration.

IKEA Kitchen Planner

IKEA Kitchen Planner 3d

IKEA Kitchen Planner US

IKEA Kitchen Planner for Mac 2012

IKEA Kitchen Planner Google Chrome

IKEA Kitchen Planner Ipad

IKEA Kitchen Planner Login

IKEA Kitchen Planner Online

IKEA Kitchen Planner Tool

Follow Ups

One that is interesting about IKEA design app is there are follow ups. These further steps allow users to view their design result, count other technical things like cost and layout suggestion, make comparisons, and view directly the whole design as portray of the real kitchen look to build. The good thing is, IKEA kitchen planner is for everyone.

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