House Design with Simple and Luxurious Concept

House Design is a very important for us when we are going to build our home design. The design of our home should have a good design. If we are going to have a good design, most of us decide let an architect to design our own home. It is caused by architects have been proved that they can design a building well. We have to be able to choose the best architect for our best result of design of our house.

Letting architect to design our home usually needs more money. However, nowadays there is a very good architecture inspiration to realize the best result of our House Design. That the house with a simple and luxurious concept. This home concept was designed by Atelier M+A. This home is given name with Mandai Courtyard House. It is a very amazing house with a good architecture. This house has a white color dominant on its wall. This color makes a clean impression of this modern house.

Simple Modern Design of House

This home also has a simple design. There is not too much stuff which is in this home. There are only important stuffs. It makes this house looks more interesting and has more space. A simple concept is also supported by the home decoration inside this home. There is only a simple decoration design is installed in this home. In this home, we can also see a wonderful room management. Yrou might also read Modern Wall Art for Creative Design.

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Luxurious Design of a Modern House

Besides having a simple design, this home design also has a very luxurious design. In this home, there is a wooden floor. This wooden flooring has brown color. It gives a luxurious impression in that home. Besides having a wooden floor this house also has interesting lighting. Those lighting are installed in the armature cap in – bow on the ceiling. That is one of the best House Design.

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