House Black and White Inspired by Colonial Home in Singapore

House Black and White is the special design of house which as the rest belongings from old Singapore colonial home. It means the house has been built since many years ago and still survives well till now. The design is very beautiful and as luxury as the usual house in this modern time. The design doesn’t have lot of different with modern contemporary house because the home owner still keep it classic look of old building design which any renovation on the interior design which make it so balance on the modern interior design and house black white exterior look.

Special Design of House Black and White

The house owner of the house that we are reviewed here are the 2 British families who’s the house black and white are located in Fifth Avenue and Alexandra Park. The house exterior is really made from black wooden and white wall painting without any other coloring are interred it.  The location is very supporting the beauty of the house because both are locating in the green hill of residence area. It looks like this colonial typical home is very suitable to build on this kind of location.

If we look the design of house black and white between they both, both are similar in the theme of color painting on the exterior.  The home is dominant looked on black and white color, the strong black ebony give the strong construction on the door and windows. Both houses are surrounded by green garden area and big trees around. The owner of both house said that they feel comfort and keep the house black and white design still because those give them very cool living enjoyment, with the satisfaction of combination and modern look with cool breeze every day.

House Black and White

House Black and White Design

House Black and White 2013

House Black and White Living Room

Interior of House Black and White

The owner of the house is developing the minimalist and modern concept on its interior decoration concept. They only keep some part of the indoor construction like the high roof and big condominium because those designs are looking very cool still. They concept the interior of house black and white as usual interior decorating for usual contemporary house  design because for now, it is the most effective and practice design for modern life.

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