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Home decor with the country look is absolutely interesting thing to try if I were you. Country may look too American but so what? As long as it is fun and legal and you like it. No need to feel so racist or guilty. To décor your house like one in the country all you need is money in your saving because it may costs much more than you expected. And it’s also better for you if the house that you want to decorate is the big one and is made of wood or rock. The house that can be your inspiration is a farm house and a dairy farm house.

A Farm House

A farm house is really a perfect image to be copied if you want your house have a country look. Home decor with the farm house theme costs some money especially for you in the city. You need to buy a wide empty land to start build your farm house. Make sure that the house you have is wooden house. A farm house has very wide backyard. You can also have it and you need to fill it with some flowers bushes or some big trees, but not too much because it will look like more like forest than a farm house.

A Dairy Farm House

Do you know the differences between a common farm houses with dairy house? A dairy house is where you can have chickens, sheep, cows, pigs, horses or other domestic animals for their meat or their milk. You might also read Family Room for a Big Family.

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While a farm house is just a house where a farmer lives, a farmer house has fields full of rice paddy or corn. Now you can decide on your own which will match best for you. Move and start to decorate the home decor.

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