Garden Design and Sustainable Home

Garden design becomes one important subject to learn from magazines or suggestion book. Living style in last few decades includes landscaping management under the development of a sustainable home. Building a beautiful garden is important as arranging living room layout or choosing right materials for bathroom. Stones are good choice, and grass cover becomes specialties. Idea of adding pond, fountain or Japanese-style Kurisu Bridge may good new value to take also. When the purpose is clear and calculation is complete, putting on materials is just like dragging crayons on a plain paper.

Choosing Garden Design

Andy Sturgeon, a famous garden designer gives opinion about choosing design. He said that you can put away natural parts in garden designing. In fact, major parts of the plan include nature-friendly materials like wood, stones and water. Since the beauty of a garden is also determined by fountain and ponds, water management on circulation and style makes work of garden design reach high values of layout and placing details. Even how many fish you would put in the pond will affect the beauty in the whole part.

Andy may correct in most part of it. However, it is not a “big sin” to bring in metals on the landscape. Light steel is still required if you want to build a sustainable swimming pool near the hoist or flowers block. And aluminum is always a good choice for standing swing and creeping plant holder. Matters in choosing garden design depend on how the view of the garden you would like to see. Whether it is vast like a volley ball field or simply like rustic with flowers and pond, the beauty takes taste. You can also read Space saving beds in this site.

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Garden Design and Sustainable Home

Gardening is not a new lifestyle since it has been in European families’ life for centuries. However, for sustainable home living today, improvement and innovations are a challenge to renew the impressions of style that shifts in timeline. Choosing garden design might sound too fancy for some people, but it worth the values of the home to live.

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