Flooring Designs for Modern House

Flooring Design is one important element of house decoration furniture. There are several models and varieties of flooring products like wood, marble, stone floor or ceramic floor.   In South Asia popularly use stone floor, marble floor and ceramics floor for modern house design. Basic rules for designing floor of your house has 3 points to remember. Those are color and palette of the floor, floor texture and pattern, and stylish floor trends.

Point of color and palette is about the way you chose best color for your flooring designs. Bright color floor will lift up your spirit when you walk on it. Color and palette will decide and affect to the feel of your room. Dark color can be combined to bright color pattern of wood floor and stone floor will give you a sophisticated look of your room floor.

The way you choosing flooring design must be done by high creative and good sense of yourself to complete your elegant house. You will enjoy learning how to make good combination of flooring designs by its color palette, textures and finishing. You can choose the best floor types like hardwood floor, laminate, or vinyl sheets to decorate your house. You can also read Shelf Design for a Bathroom.

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When you plan flooring a design for your house, it depends on your house performance and lifestyle. If you have a house like hall room architect then hardwood floor is the best choice for you. If you want flooring designs that very easy to clean, then vinyl floor is as great as the floor for your house.

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