Eclectic Stockholm Apartment Style

Eclectic Stockholm apartmentstyle is one great way of expressing yourself in your apartment or house without adhering to only one of the classic styles. Of course, this can hardly be done without the help of an interior designer, except if you are blessed with extraordinary sight for design, but done right, it will worth all the money and trouble you might spend along the way.

Eclectic Stockholm Apartment Color and Style Mixture

Eclectic Stockholm apartment wall color is usually white in many shades, as the traditional Swedish style. The white of the walls will also help in becoming a neutral moderator to the vast array of colors you might throw into the design later, though. Blue and gray will also do well in being neutral in the battle of colors. For bolder touch, use yellows, greens and reds. Patterns are best, because usually they already have great color combinations and work well with practically everything.

Besides the color scheme, one needs to mix styles in creating an eclectic Stockholm apartment look. Traditional pieces would work well with most of the larger furniture, like the tables, beds and vanities. Contemporary is preferable for the chairs and sofa, although you might prefer to add comforter and pillow with a more traditional pattern as not to make it stand out in the eclectic room. Rustic works best with frames and decoration pieces like lamp coverings. The choice is literally unlimited, though, and it heavily depends on the owner’s personality, creativity and imagination. You can also read Light and spacious house in this site.

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Eclectic Stockholm Apartment Ideas

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Eclectic Stockholm Apartment

Eclectic Stockholm Apartment Style Benefits

Having an eclectic style home has various benefits you might not realize at first glance. The first benefit is the easiness in choosing the furniture and decoration you add into the room. The more mix and match you do, the easier it is for the next piece you buy to blend in. It will also make it easier to find a replacement if a piece is broken or unusable anymore. The same thing happens to the time when you get bored with certain pieces. Last but not least, the eclectic Stockholm apartment will distinct your home from other people’s and will offer you a great satisfaction of living in a home so well-matched with your personality.

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