Cool Room Ideas for Teens

Cool room ideas for teens are important for both their health and self esteem. Teen days are full of frustration, doubts and insecurity, so their room has to be a peaceful sanctuary that is secure and calming. Having a cool room is an added bonus for them to brag to their friends, and here are some cool ideas to make it happen.

Cool Room Ideas in Furniture and Layout

One of cool room ideas is to arrange the room as if you’re sharing a bunk bed with a sibling. Bunk beds have been a favorite of children and teens alike for a long time, and a stylish bunk bed will be great for both a single or twin room. For those with no siblings, a cabinet or cupboard can be placed below it, both as a support and as a usage of space. Another space bellow the bed can also be used as a study desk. For those sharing the room with a sibling, try arranging the bed slightly off from each other, so that there can still be spaces for a cabinet bellow the upper bed. The lower bed can also use a bed with cabinets underneath.

Other ideas for cool room ideas include the choice of furniture. A corner cupboard or cabinet will look cool and unique compared to the regular cupboard. Hanging shelves or cabinets also have many choices that will look great in a teen’s room. It should be noted that the study desk should have clear view access to the window. It will help with both the comfort of studying and enough lighting. A reading nook will always be great as well and it can even be used as the bed at night. You can also read Boys room in this site.

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Cool Room Ideas for Teenagers

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Cool Room Ideas in Colors

Color is not a big issue for a teen’s room because practically any color will look great on it. Choose wooden furniture that will be easier to match with other colors. Big stripes are never old with boys and girls alike, although limit its usage to one wall or the bed cover. Pastel colors, green, blue, purple, pink, orange and red are particularly popular, but let the teens choose the theme color themselves. It is always a good idea for the child to be involved in the building process to provide cool room ideas of their own.

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