Chandelier Lights in Modern Home

Chandelier lights have existed for centuries, even in the medieval age. Always being mounted on the ceiling, it was used to hold a lot of candles during that age, hence its name that means ‘candle holder’ in French. Its characteristics are the multiply hands that hold bulbs, with branches and beautiful ornaments. In modern homes, it is both elegant and functional. It serves to create the mood of a room by the play of lights and becomes the focal point of the room at the same time.

Chandelier Styles

The basic types of chandelier lights nowadays are Victorian/crystal, rustic, traditional and contemporary. The Victorian/crystal chandelier is the most luxurious in design, with full ornaments and elegant curves. It will create a formal, elegant and glamour feeling to a home. Rustic chandelier has a more masculine factor to it. It is usually built from antlers or wood beams and suitable for a cabin home. Traditional chandelier still keeps the same form as it was centuries ago, with tulip-shaped flutes made of frosted glasses. It is most suitable in rooms with high need of lights as it is the brightest type of chandelier. Contemporary chandelier brings the modern into a classic by putting the concept of a chandelier into a new design altogether.

Selecting a Chandelier

Chandelier is considered quite a permanent decoration. Therefore, one must pay extra attention into selecting the right chandelier for their home. Three most important things to heed are style, size and positioning. With the numerous chandelier styles and designs available today, it is more important to consider the style of the room in which the chandelier will be placed versus personal taste. Besides the style, one must also pay attention to the wattage of the chandelier, choosing the one with the right ambience or with the option to dim the lights.You might also read Shabby Chic Decor and Teens Choice.

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Size of the chandelier is another important matter, because an overly small chandelier will diminish its purpose in the first place and an overly big chandelier will dominate the room instead of enhancing it. Lastly, well-planed position is also important for safety of the use. Eight feet high would be the suggested minimum as not to blind the users with its chandelier lights.

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