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Lighting Ideas: Do it yourself

The lighting ideas for your home decoration are truly simple for you to make it by yourself. You just need some candles, glass, onionskin, waterproof colorful markers, ribbon, scissor glue, and some creative idea to make your own lighting. You can place this super cute lighting in your window bedroom or you can hang it […]

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Chandelier Lights in Modern Home

Chandelier lights have existed for centuries, even in the medieval age. Always being mounted on the ceiling, it was used to hold a lot of candles during that age, hence its name that means ‘candle holder’ in French. Its characteristics are the multiply hands that hold bulbs, with branches and beautiful ornaments. In modern homes, […]

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Lamp Design Unique Shape

Lamp design is recently become very unique and strange but some shape of lamps still remains the same as elegant ones and simple ones. The shape or form of lamps usually is base on the functions. It is really will be used as the source of lights in the room, outdoor or it just will […]

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Light Your Home with Unique Lampshade

Light Your Home with a luxurious and beautiful lighting will make your home looks more interesting. For our home, the existence of lighting will be very helpful for us when night comes. The kinds of a lamps are also various. There are many kinds of lamps which can be easily found around us. The lighting […]

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Stylish Australian House the Nature Connection

Stylish Australian House is very beautiful architectural building. You will be amazed by the simplicity of the house but the artistic look is getting so clear and wonderful. A square Blok building is looking so amazing. The house is like the present to connect your soul to nature. The architectural house gives you a special […]

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