Boys Room Ideas

Boys room is aroma usually bedroom that made special for boys only. Room for boys is simpler than girl’s. This can be a true fact because boy does not really need too many accessories and decoration. They prefer simple design for their rooms and prefer cool one than the more complicated decoration involving too many stuffs. But by the simplicity they want, we still can make some stunning room. Here we go with ideas for the rooms.

Searching ideas for boys room

Let we first talk about searching ideas for boys room. The first idea comes from harry potter movie. We will not talk about Harry’s room but his friend’s/ the friend of harry potter that has a unique bed room is Ron Weasley. Ron’s room is designed for two people. There you can see adage for the pet, book less and the room consist of two beds. The small bed can be used for you who have two son’s with almost the same age. The second idea comes from Love Actually movie and you can also create boys private room based on your own imaginations.

Designing boys room

For the tips in creating room for boys, firth you need to consider what the boy’s hobbies. If he likes space and geographic, a space decoration will be very good. If he likes animals and nature, do the room base on that. Then you also need to consider the lighting of the room and the place of the window in the room. You can also read The Blurred House in this site.

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It’s better for you to have room for boys near the windows in the second floor of the house. Boys like music and they never play it in allow volume. When they are up there, it will help you to keep the neighbour’s comfort. Just choose which idea will suit for your boys room.

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