Beautiful Elegant Washrooms Interior Décor Ideas

Have you ever seen beautiful elegant washrooms with transparent bathroom appliances including bathtub, shower area, and sink? Well, you will be surprised with those transparent bathroom appliances since it becomes unique idea for modern bathroom interior décor. Creating beautiful and elegant bathroom commonly allows you to spend more budgets. Well, basically, it is certainly true.

But we bet that this basic statement won’t stop you to create beautiful elegant washrooms interior décor ideas. First thing first, ensure to measure the entire bathroom space. You need to know the bathroom space condition which can allow you choosing the best appliances and furniture that suitable with the bathroom. Let’s read the following simple description about transparent bathroom for your inspiration.

This transparent bathroom is built in large bathroom space. It involves separated shower and bathtub area to maximize the room space. Cream becomes soft color applied on the entire bathroom wall and floor. Dark green moss ceramic tiles look pretty decorate the shower area wall. To create the beautiful elegant washrooms idea, floor-to-ceiling glass wall installed surrounding the shower area. You can also read about Long narrow bathroom design ideas in this site.

Beautiful Elegant Washrooms Ideas

Beautiful Elegant Washrooms 2013

Beautiful Elegant Washrooms Designs

Beautiful Elegant Washrooms Pictures

Beautiful Elegant Washrooms

Beautiful Natural Elegant Washrooms

Circle podium is placed in the middle of the bathroom where unique transparent bathtub is located. Long short wooden cabinet is placed on the wall between the shower and sink area. The dark green transparent sink looks unique representing sail ship shape for the beautiful elegant washrooms idea.

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