Bathroom Ideas for Limited Space

Bathroom ideas may not be hard to find, but have you ever felt like your bathroom is too cluttered or making your claustrophobia to action? Worry not. Sometimes it only takes small things to change the big picture. In this case, it would only take some clever choice of furniture and well-placed things to make things better.

Things to Choose

The first of the bathroom ideas to make your room looks bigger was to choose the right furniture. Plan carefully before you buy or consult a professional. With every inch counts, you don’t want to buy things you don’t need on daily basis. Dark colored furniture helps to make them smaller than they are, thus the illusion of some extra space. Choose mounted furniture whenever possible, and those which doesn’t take lots of floor space. The better mirrors for making a bathroom look bigger are the bigger kind, so make the mirror as big as possible.

With limited space, you sometimes need to see outside the box to get extra storage space. Holing the wall and making it into a cabinet or bathroom-product storage is a good idea. It looks good and it functions well. If budget is not a problem, there are toilets designed with their tanks buried on the wall available. Choose mirrors with task lighting and add ambient lightings to make the room seem brighter and bigger. The usage of white marble and horizontal lines on the walls as a decoration will also help in creating the illusion or wider space. Putting a glass door as the shower separator works well too to expand the bathroom visually. You can also read Scandinavian Designs for Our Living Room.

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Other Things to Consider

While trying to make a bathroom look bigger, there are some important things to consider. A lockable medicine cabinet, for one, is an important safety measure against children poisoning. Allow some room for ventilation and natural light. Depending where you live, a grab bar and a ground fault circuit might be the law. Even with those additions, though, these bathroom ideas will still win some valuable spaces to enjoy.

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