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Arabic design home comes in unique and particular accents with plush seating, ceiling hangings, fabric wall, and the presence of carpets.  Have you ever read “Arabian Nights”? From this famous book, you must be able to visualize the home in Arabic design. Formerly, this design was only used in Morocco, Persia, and Egypt. However, this design has influenced modern design in Westerns.

If you are interested in Arabic design home, you can place low seating. This seating comes with oversize pillows and cushions. Instead of placing couches, use floor cushioned large sofa. Meanwhile, comfortable round ottomans can replace chairs. The seating can even be more luxurious if many coordinating pillows are added.

In Arabic design home, fabrics hangings can create appealing Middle Eastern looks. Persian tapestry can be chosen for wall hangings. Don’t forget the window’s treatment. You can set a curtain made of rayon or polyester. However those fabrics can be very expensive. As an alternative, you can consider materials or fabrics embroidered with tassel. You might be interested in reading Small Homes Living Room Concepts.

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Plush carpets can be added to this Arabic design. If your budget is limited, you don’t need to buy expensive Persian carpets. Instead, cheaper carpets made of Olefin or Nylon can be used in Arabic design home.

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